Welcome to Papaya FM

Welcome to Papaya FM! This is your audio bookshop as well as community to share your beloved story or experience with others via your voice. At this customized place, you are free to be immersed into the world of stories and knowledge, and always encouraged to show your talent, creativity, attitude, and spirit of sharing.


Your Customized Local Audio Bookshop

We provide a wide selection of more than 5,000 audio titles to you, which are narrated by either professional or ordinary narrators. They constitute a feast for your ears that you can find nearly everything you love: romance, science fiction, thriller, detective, history, self-help…You will never feel boring anymore even when you are commuting, driving, or doing house work. No matter where you are or what you are doing, our audiobooks will take you to an amazing journey with impressive story-telling by our narrators.


You are Supposed to be a Star

Producing an audiobook sounds expensive and hard to most people. But this won’t stop us finding that you are a born star to tell and share your favorite stories with others. Papaya FM thus helps you read loud what you love to read and perform yourself via a multiple-function platform. Everything is done just via our simple recording and draft editing tool. You may read a few words or have a long speech, in 5 mins or more than 8 hrs.


Customized Listening Experience

Enjoying communicating with friends and followers? Wanting to know how other users think about your recording? You’ll enjoy our instant bullet screen and interactive comment to have your friends’ and even followers’ feedback and support about your performance, beloved titles, and your attitude. Tired of normal speed? We offer you a wide range of speed modes, from 0.5X to 2.0X, to choose at what speed you want to listen to the audiobook. Hard to manage listening process when you are driving? Thus you may want to try our Driving Mode to easily get to what you want to listen instantly and conveniently. Everything is just done when you register an account with your e-mail or social media.


No matter whether you are an audiobook fan or a born star to make a difference via reading and sharing, you will find your place at Papaya FM. So what are you waiting for? Click your interested title and listen to it, or post your own recording and share it with others today!