Customized Recommendation

At Papaya FM, we care about what you like listening to and try to give you everything you want when you browse from a wide selection of audiobooks or review what you have listened to or downloaded recently. Therefore, we establish a smart recommendation system that totally rocks and optimizes your experience at Papaya FM.


Pick Your Favorites

We want to know more about and give what you like listening to, so you can pick your favorite genre(s) from a selection of 9 genres when the first time you launch our app.


If you love all the genres from the options provided for you, you can tap on Give me all. And you can skip this step by tapping on × at the top right hand of the interface.


When you finish picking your favorite genres, you can tap on Continue and then go to the Discover page, where there are an abundant number of audiobooks meeting your favorites!


You May Also Like

When to get to My Library, whether you continue listening to an audiobook at the Recents, or listening to an audiobook offline at the Downloads, we offer you more similar choices according to your listening history and preference.


This You May Also Like automatically recommends specific audiobooks that meet your favorites as well as are rated with a high mark by our users at the bottom of the Recents and Downloads pages..