Post an Audiobook/Chapter Comment

If you’d like to share your emotions or attitudes about either a particular chapter part or an entire audiobook with the narrator or other users, then just leave a comment!


There are two types of comments:

Regular comments – displayed at the Comment when you open an audiobook.

Bullet Screen comments – displayed at the time point that you posted the comment in the chapter you are listening to.


Each regular comment can be a maximum of 500 characters long and bullet screen comment can be 140 characters long. Besides, there are no limits to the amount of comments you can leave.


You cannot delete a comment that you have left, as well as any comments left by others on a story you wrote at any point.


Select a choice for more details.


Leave Regular Comments on IOS or Android

  1. Open an audiobook and Tap   under the narrator’s name.
  2. Scroll or swipe to the bottom of the part.
  3. Tap the comment bubble on the bottom menu bar and start typing your comment.
  4. Tap  to send your comment.


Leave Bullet Screen Comments on IOS or Android

  1. Open a chapter of an audiobook.
  2. Tap the comment bubble beside  and start typing your comment.
  3. Tap  to send your comment.
  • If you don’t know how to switch on the bullet screen, please follow the instructions at Bullet Screen.