Having Trouble Finding an Audiobook In Search/Discover

If you have trouble finding a story in Search/Discover page, please check if there is an error message as “No Internet Connection” and then turn on your wifi/data connection.


When you refresh the Discover page, normally most of the audiobooks displayed at the page will be renewed as well. Accordingly, the book you have found previously at this page will disappear.


When you exit the app that is running in the background and then relaunch the app, the Discover page will automatically refresh.


Therefore, we highly recommend you to follow the narrator or add any audiobook you find interested at the Discover page in your Library. Please follow the instructions at Manage My Library.


If you have trouble finding an audiobook in Search, the primary reason is that Papaya FM currently does not have this audiobook. If you have found this audiobook before in Search, the reason may be this audiobook has been deleted by the uploader in his/her own discretion or by our Support Team if it violates against any term of our services.


If either of the above explanations does not solve this problem, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team at any time. And we will explain why the audiobook is missing from Search or try our best to enlarge our selection of audiobooks.