Having Trouble With Your Listening or Downloading History

If you’re having trouble with your listening or downloading history on Papaya FM, such as when you cannot access to, find or load your history at My Library, please make sure whether you have manually deleted the history you are looking for.


If you have not, please try these general troubleshooting steps to rule out any issues relating to your internet connection or the app itself.


On iOS and Android:

If you can, please ensure that your internet connection is stable, then try the following:

  1. Log out and back in, making sure to completely close the app.
  2. Toggle your wifi connection off and then on.
  3. Try a data connection instead of wifi.
  4. Check if there are updates to the app; download the update if there is one.

*Please note that if the chapter or audiobook you are looking for has already been deleted by the uploader on his/her own discretion or our Support Team if it violates against any term of our services, you cannot access to it at your Recents anymore.


If either of the above steps does not solve this problem, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team at any time and our developing team will help you solve the problem soon.