How to Create / Edit Albums

Currently, only logged in users can create / edit albums. By default, Papaya FM will create a default album for you, but of course you can change the album name and album art of the default album at any time.
In the My studio page, click the Create Album button or click the Edit button in the album to enter the Create / Edit Album page.

In the page, album art and album titles are required.

  1. In the album cover module, click on the “Change photo” button and a popup box will appear. You can choose to take a picture directly from your camera or select a photo from your phone’s album.

    Tips, if you want to get a better impression, please select a clear picture, the other if you want to better attract the user is best associated with the album.

  2. In the Album title module, enter the name of the album you want to create or edit.
  3. If you want to get more attention easily, please fill in the Album description in simple language. Tell more people about your album.
  4. Fill in the relevant information and click the OK button to create / edit the album.