How to Get the Most Out of Papaya FM

  • Create audios you love. Express yourself and your unique personality by creating entertaining audios that show off your interests! The sky’s the limit on your creativity, post expressively about the topics your passionate about. Pro tip: Posting at least 3 times per week is a great way to build your following.
  • Build a profile that feels like you. Your profile is a place to share who you are, so have fun and tell your story! A full, creative profile is a great way to give your audios context and your fans someone to connect with.
  • Answer questions. It’s always good form to interact with your viewers. If they ask questions in the comments, go ahead and answer!
  • Say thank you. Whether a viewer gives you a compliment, a “thank you” is always nice to hear!
  • Be nice. Keep all interactions on Papaya FM. This is a friendly, safe community for self-expression.
  • Have fun!