Add or Edit a Description to Your Audiobook

Audiobook descriptions are a great way for users to quickly and generally understand what your audiobook is about and to decide if they want to listen to your audiobook. We really recommend adding a compelling description to your story!


Descriptions have a limit of 140 characters, so if you go over this limit the description may not save.


You can add a description for your audiobook when you create an audiobook. And please follow the guidance at Create an Audiobook.


The description can be edited when it has not been set as “Completed”. Please select a platform to know more.


On IOS and Android:

  1. Tap My Studio.
  2. Select one audiobook and Tap Edit Audiobook.
  3. Tap About This Audiobook and edit the description.


On Web:

  1. Access to the homepage of our website and click Login.
  2. Log in with one of your social media accounts.
  3. Click My Studio and .
  4. Click Edit Audiobook and edit the description at About This Audiobook.