Save and Post a Recording

We understand you may not finish recording a chapter at one time, and thus you may want to save the recording temporarily and then continue it. To do so, you can tap Save at the Recording page. And then you can find it at the Drafts of My Studio page.


Once you’ve finished filling in the essential information about your recording, you can post the recording by tapping Post. And then you are supposed to choose if you want to post the recording, save it as copy and post it, or cancel.


If a recording is posted, normally it can only be modified on its status. However, we offer you an option that you can still edit the draft of your recording even though it is posted. Save as copy and post means that when posting your recording, meanwhile there is a draft saved at the Drafts of My Studio page. And you can access to and modify this draft if you are not satisfied with your posted recording.