Edit Your Recording

Editing your recording gives you an option to modify any error or the part that you are not satisfied in your recording. And this option can be realized when you are recording or if your recording is saved as a draft at the Recording or Post page.


When you edit the recording, you will access to the Recording page.

On iOS and Android:

  1. Tap on any time point on the voice stream, where you want to modify the content at this time point.
  2. Tap  to listen to the content at the certain time point to access to the exact one.
  3. Tap  at the middle of the page to re-record the file from the time point you have chosen.

*When you re-record the file at any time point, the previous following content will be automatically removed and overlapped by your new content. Therefore, we highly recommend that you apply this function during recording process instead of when you finish recording the entire content.